CeFI vs DeFI: Is DeFI the solution for the future?


A lot of the discussion on CEFI vs DEFI has always been centered around the idea of Authority vs Freedom and this is actually the main idea behind the creation of Bitcoin in 2008. Centralized Finance has been around for generations ever since the creation of money and so far even though it has worked all these times, there are still questions about its sustainability?

Source: https://www.ledger.com/defi-vs-cefi-how-defi-measures-up

Should DEFI be the way to go?

The world is obviously constantly evolving, from early 2000 when internet was the next big thing to right now where blockchain and metaverse are the way to go. We live in a world where everything is centralized including finance and bitcoin really opens our view to new possibilities. A possibility of our financial system not being run by people who will tend to benefit themselves but by codes that are unbiased.

Source: https://zerocap.com/decentralized-finance-an-overview/



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