How Can You Purchase A Hybrid Cryptocurrency?

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6 min readOct 7, 2022

Cryptocurrency is a puzzling concept for the world even until the present day and that’s why there is still a lot of growth in the space for the years to come. This is also why although we are still in the early stage of this DeFI era, it presents everyone with an early chance to drop by and seize the opportunity before this cryptocurrency becomes a worldwide phenomenon. So what is a cryptocurrency?

For all of you that are new to the space, Cryptocurrency is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies use a peer-to-peer electronic system to receive and send transactions between holders and the transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger called the blockchain. This aspect of transparency and efficiency from the DeFI space is also part of the reason behind its massive growth within the last decade or so.

The term “decentralized” is attributed to its function that the digital asset is not issued by any Centralized institutions but instead Cryptocurrency is issued to its holders from the project developer through a phase called ICO or Initial Coin Offering which is the earliest round the cryptocurrency are offered to the public. Some cryptocurrencies have to go through a process called mining to be obtained from the network but most of them are Pre — Mined and go straight to the ICO Stage.

If you rewind the successful story of Bitcoin which grew from $1 in 2011 to its peak of $39,000 in 2022, the ICO stage is when you want to seize the opportunity on a great project that will grow in similar value over time. After the ICO Stage, it is usually followed by listing to an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken where it will be available to worldwide users to purchase them. So then how can you purchase a cryptocurrency during the ICO Stage?

Most of the cryptocurrencies that are still in the ICO or its Pre — ICO stage are available to be purchased through their websites. Nagaya is the pioneer in the Hybrid Cryptocurrency World, that is still currently at its Pre — ICO Stage and here is how you can get it easily before it becomes part of the world.

What is A Hybrid Cryptocurrency?

Nagaya is the World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency that combines the benefits of both Utility Coin and Stablecoin into one simple concept. With this system, Nagaya is backed by a gold reserve that continues to grow and expand while also running subsidiary projects that are funded by Nagaya (NGY), this builds more value and trust.

With this unique composition of the gold reserve, actual projects, and transparency, Nagaya (NGY) exhibits an increased degree of stability as compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. Concurrently, this maintains the potential of value appreciation in the long run, giving confidence for people to hold Nagaya (NGY) for the long term.

Benefits of HODLing Nagaya:

  1. Gold Increment that strengthens the Intrinsic value of each and every Nagaya
  2. Profit Sharing from the subsidiary projects that provides you benefits just for HODLing it!
  3. Growing Amount of Utility that provides more adoption and value to your Nagaya.
  4. Finally with all this in place, it will create a Long Sustainable Market Value for Nagaya Overtime.
  5. Be a part of the Expansive Community that is revolutionizing the crypto space.

How do I get My First Nagaya?

Step 1: Register your Free Nagaya Account

The first thing you will need to do is to create your free Nagaya account and you can do this through the Nagaya official website at

Once you are on the site, you will need to click on the “Be A Holder” button and you will be redirected to the page. Then you will need to scroll down and click on the “Register Now” button which will redirect you to the Registration Page.


You will need to fill in your details on the registration page and then click on “Register Now” which will redirect you to the email verification process. Check back to your registered email for an 8-digit verification code and once it’s entered on the verification page, you have successfully created your Nagaya account.

You could also check the video “How to Register An Account” from the “How To Series” on our official Youtube page as a guide to registering your Nagaya account using the link below.


Step 2: Complete your KYC Process

Once your Nagaya account is created, you will need to complete the KYC process through the “KYC Application” page. First, you need to provide all your details in the “Account Profile” and then you are required to complete the 3-Step KYC Verification Process.

  1. ID Verification

2. Address Verification


3. Selfie Verification


You can also check the video “How to do KYC Application and Account Profile Update” from the “How To Series” on our official Youtube page as a guide to complete your KYC process using the link below.


Step 3: Top Up USD Wallet

USD Wallet is the tool that you need to purchase Nagaya and you can top–up the USD Wallet using two main methods which are International Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency. There is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies that you can use to top up the USD Wallet such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRC20), and BUSD (BEP20).


The first thing you will need to do is to visit the “USD Top–Up” and select the method you want to use for your Top–Up. Then you will need to enter the amount of USD you want to top to your account in “Enter Top — Up Amount(USD) “ and click on “Next”

You will be redirected to another page for you will see the total amount you have to transfer and the wallet address or the bank details you have to transfer the amount to. Once you are done with the transfer, click on the “Confirm Top–Up” button and your top-up will be processed by our Admins.

You can also check the video “How To Top Up Your USD Wallet Balance” from the “How To Series” on our official YouTube page as a guide to completing your top-up process using the link below.


Step 4: Purchase your Nagaya

Now, this is the final and fun part where you can purchase your first Nagaya, and do this, you will need to visit the “NGY Purchase” page. Once you are on the page, Enter the amount of Nagaya (NGY) you wish to purchase and then click on “Preview”.


You will then be redirected to another page where you can see the details of the amount of NGY you want to purchase, the Price/NGY, and the total amount payable, which you can then click on the “Purchase Now” button.

Now you can see your Nagaya Coin in your Nagaya Wallet. Congratulations! You have finally bought your first Nagaya (NGY)!

You can also check the video “How to Purchase Nagaya” from the “How To Series” on our official Youtube page as a guide through your Nagaya Purchase using the link below.


Step 5: HODL On and Enjoy the Benefits

The final step is to HODL on your Nagaya while enjoying the ever-expanding benefits and utility that come from every Nagaya you have purchased.




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